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Sun Mar 23 15:18:38 GMT 2014
A "toxic mix" of rising demand and decreasing funds is putting general practice at risk of
Sun Mar 23 15:07:46 GMT 2014
A "toxic mix" of rising demand and decreasing funds is putting general practice at risk of
Sun Mar 23 00:40:43 GMT 2014
Why this dog's OCD could aid medicine
Sat Mar 22 12:32:05 GMT 2014
Doctors in England feel a "deep sense of outrage" at the failure to grant them a 1% rise in basic
Sat Mar 22 11:26:59 GMT 2014
A leading researcher on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs accuses critics of misleading the public
Sat Mar 22 01:23:31 GMT 2014
What's behind the 'no make up' images on social media?
Sat Mar 22 01:09:38 GMT 2014
Almost one-third of women are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer and should be screened
Fri Mar 21 17:42:09 GMT 2014
The first UK prosecutions over female genital mutilation are announced by the Crown Prosecution
Fri Mar 21 15:21:29 GMT 2014
The number of people living in the UK aged 100 increased by 73% in the decade to 2012, says the
Fri Mar 21 12:40:18 GMT 2014
A blind woman's sight has been restored in pioneering surgery at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.
Fri Mar 21 12:02:04 GMT 2014
See how your nearest A&E in England is coping with winter
Fri Mar 21 10:40:52 GMT 2014
Scientists recommend a vaccine that protects against a deadly form of meningitis should be
Fri Mar 21 08:59:44 GMT 2014
Many hospitals are finding money is running out
Fri Mar 21 04:47:58 GMT 2014
A hospital in Leeds admits failings in the medical care given to a pregnant woman and poor
Fri Mar 21 02:33:15 GMT 2014
Television adverts for unhealthy food aimed at children should be banned until after 21:00, says
Fri Mar 21 02:29:56 GMT 2014
Women who produce fewer eggs during IVF treatment are more likely to miscarry, research suggests.
Fri Mar 21 00:58:48 GMT 2014
Four years after it was signed, health bill remains unpopular
Thu Mar 20 22:43:39 GMT 2014
The human nose is much more powerful than we thought, according to a new estimate.
Thu Mar 20 18:07:46 GMT 2014
Labour MP Ann Clwyd defends claims that she has not given the Welsh government facts or evidence to
Thu Mar 20 00:47:34 GMT 2014
Healthwatch England says more than 70 organisations are involved in the process for dealing with
Wed Mar 19 17:10:05 GMT 2014
A call centre handler on the challenges of her busy job
Wed Mar 19 13:46:00 GMT 2014
Medic pays for patient's treatment in Uganda
Wed Mar 19 09:10:52 GMT 2014
Is portly Ed Europe's most virile man?
Wed Mar 19 06:50:35 GMT 2014
Sleep loss may be more serious than previously thought, causing a permanent loss of brain cells,
Tue Mar 18 06:39:54 GMT 2014
Guidelines urging people to swap saturated fats - found in foods like butter, cheese and fatty
Tue Mar 18 06:11:26 GMT 2014
New research suggests that Cancer could have existed 3,000 years ago, according to journal Plos
Mon Mar 17 23:20:28 GMT 2014
Is it safe to buy breast milk over the internet?
Mon Mar 17 05:13:52 GMT 2014
The A&E doctors leaving the NHS to work in Australia
Mon Mar 17 00:25:18 GMT 2014
Panorama spent 7 days filming in the A&E department of the University Hospital of North Tees, in
Mon Mar 17 00:13:52 GMT 2014
Space scientists are designing a skin-tight space suit to help stop astronauts spines from growing
Sat Mar 15 10:10:28 GMT 2014
Eighteen-year-olds Aneeta and Ameeta Kumar have been named UK Young Scientists of the Year for
Fri Mar 14 11:52:09 GMT 2014
Dogs can suffer diseases similar to those that affect humans and this phenomenon could lead to some
Sun Feb 16 01:07:18 GMT 2014
Helping babies rest and recover
Mon Jan 27 07:43:31 GMT 2014
A palliative care expert challenges criticisms of the Liverpool Care Pathway.