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Posted on Sunday, 13 September 2015 04:26PM by Mr Nigel Atkin, Practice Manager

New Phone System


In our last patient survey 85% of patients said they felt it was either easy or very easy to get through to the practice by phone. However this means that 15% thought it was difficult or very difficult. 

We appreciate that at busy times, it can sometimes be difficult to get through to the practice on the phone, and so we have looked at ways to improve this. It can be annoying if you ring and the number is engaged, as this involves a degree of chance when ringing back in the hope that one of the lines is not engaged. 

We have therefore decided to install a new phone system, which will provide a queuing service, giving you your place in the queue and an estimated time until your call is answered. We hope this will be well received by patients. We will be increasing the present number of incoming lines from two to six, so if there are six people already in the call queue at any given moment, the 7th caller would then receive an engaged tone.

Installation: On the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd September at Barlborough and on the morning of Thursday 24th September at Renishaw, there may be a brief interruption to our phone services as the new system is switched on. Depending on how long this takes at the exchange, it should only be for a brief period of time.